Dragon keeper by Carole Wilkinson

imageDragon Keeper By Carole Wilkinson

This is a great book about a slave girl called ‘Ping’ who cleans the Dragon pit at Huangling. She has just accidentally killed a dragon and figures out that they can speak. Through her journey she has met a rat named Hua and a Dragon who must be with his purple rock. I’m currently reading this book so will update you with another post soon.

William Jones.

The Boy and the Striped Pyjama’s by John Boyne

imageI have finished reading the boy and the striped pyjama’s it was a great book I really enjoyed it. It was about a boy named Bruno who lived in Berlin. Bruno then moved to a house at ‘Outwith’ as Bruno pronounced it, right near a Jews army camp were they killed them. Bruno soon made friends with a Jewish boy. He was about to leave ‘outwith’ when he decided to go over to his side. He never returned and his parents never knew what happened.



Introduction to me

Hello my name is William Jones and I am a grade seven student at Padua College. I like reading but I normally take a long time to read a book getting distracted with other things like sport. I have written down that by the end of the semester I will have read 5 books. My favourite genrĂ© of book is books about war e.g. The series written by Morris Gleitzmen including once, now, after and then. And the book I’m currently reading is, “The boy in the striped pyjamas.”